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Carl Shaff, II is a highly skilled Landlord-Tenant Lawyer with over thirty years of expertise with thousands of case victories behind him.  Mr. Shaff has been practicing law since 1977 and has built a stellar reputation for client satisfaction.  No matter what landlord-tenant problem you are facing, Mr. Shaff has the experience and commitment to help you.

The primary focus at Law Offices of Carl Shaff is to evaluate the client’s problem and find the most effective method in achieving a winning situation for our client.  At the initial consultation your situation will be evaluated to determine the appropriate method to resolving the matter in an expeditious manner.  Your financial well being is important to us.

Law Offices of Carl Shaff is committed to educating his clients and structuring each course of action to their specific needs so that our clients are always protected.

Tenants have lawyers aggressively working on their side and so should you!

Law Offices of Carl Shaff is just a phone call away and all calls are returned within the same business day.  No phone call will be ignored or go unreturned.  No question will go unanswered.  We are there for our clients from start to finish.

Simple questions you can ask yourself:

Do I need an attorney?
The legal answer is: no.
The practical answer is: definitely yes

The reality is that the need for professional representation increases with the complexity of the case and the relief sought based on each individual project.

The Law Offices of Carl Shaff is dedicated to making certain his clients know and understand all of their options available to them and we will aggressively defend their rights to secure the best possible outcome. Mr. Shaff has over thirty years of extensive expertise in the areas of Landlord-Tenant and Rent Control Compliance.

The Law Offices of Carl Shaff is conveniently located in the Mid-Wilshire District next to the Normandie Metro station and only minutes from the Los Angeles Courthouse.


For a free consultation please contact:

Carl Shaff, II, J.D.
3540 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1112
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (213) 383.7111
Fax: (213) 383.7193

Email: info@shafflaweviction.com

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